Smalltown Bucks

Small Property, Big Results

Small Property, Big Results

By Chris Casper

Every buck is an opportunity to be a better hunter.

I live in Georgia’s Oglethorpe County, but I got permission to hunt a small, approximately 10-acre tract surrounded by a subdivision in Athens-Clarke County.

I scouted the area and found several promising spots. I got my first trail camera picture of a dandy buck I named Subdivision in late August. I tracked his movements and knew where he liked to roam, so I placed a stand in a tall oak.

Opening day came on Sept. 9, and I was ready, but the buck and I played a game of cat-and-mouse for a month. He would step out at lunchtime or wait until I left to make an appearance.

One day in October, I got off work early and went home to get ready. I was dialed in, and I knew the buck’s days were numbered. I was settled in the stand by 5 p.m., and all I needed was for Subdivision to show up.

Small Property, Big ResultsI sat with my bow ready and waiting, full of confidence. Then, as light started to fade, doubt crept in and I started to think about packing it in. Then I heard something in the creek.

My heart was racing as I looked for the source of the noise. Finally, as I looked farther up the creek, there he was as plain as day, walking toward a scrape.

I raised my bow, and the buck reacted instinctively to the movement. I knew I probably wouldn’t get another chance, so I drew back.

Subdivision walked in a circle, going behind two trees at about 35 yards. I steadied my pin between the trees and waited. It wasn’t long before his shoulder appeared and I released the arrow.

I heard a smack, and he took off only to crash 10 seconds later. I waited and listened for a long while as I tried to calm down.

I found the deer, a 9-pointer, just 40 yards from the spot between the trees, and I couldn’t have been more stoked. It is my largest buck to date and is currently at the taxidermist, where he will become my first shoulder mount.

I know he’s not a record buck, but the chase he gave me helped me learn and become a better hunter.

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