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Hunters harvest more than 224,000 deer in 2019-20

Hunters harvest more than 224,000 deer in 2019-20

By New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Hunters in New York harvested an estimated 224,190 deer during the 2019-20 hunting seasons. More than 2,600 deer harvested were tested and no evidence of chronic wasting disease (CWD) was found.

The 2019 estimated totals include 103,787 antlerless deer and 120,403 antlered bucks. Statewide, this represents a 9% decrease in antlerless harvest and a 6% increase in buck harvest from the last season.

Regionally, hunters took 30,236 deer in the Northern Zone and 193,954 deer in the Southern Zone.

Across the state, hunters continued to voluntarily pass up young bucks. The portion of yearlings (1.5 years old) in the adult buck harvest dropped to 37%, the lowest level ever, and for the first time, the harvest of 2.5-year-old bucks (41%) exceeded that of yearling bucks.

The 2019 season also proved favorable for bowhunters, as the harvest during the bowhunting season increased 18% from 2018. Deer take during the regular and muzzleloader seasons both dropped about 6%.

The 2019 Deer Harvest Summary report provides tables, charts, and maps detailing the deer harvest around the state. Past harvest summaries are also available.

Deer harvest data are gathered from two main sources: Harvest reports required of all successful hunters and DEC's examination of more than 15,000 harvested deer at check stations and meat processors across the state. Harvest estimates are made by cross-referencing these two data sources and calculating the total harvest from the reporting rate for each zone and tag type.

DEC tested 2,658 harvested deer across the state and found no evidence of CWD. DEC partners with cooperating meat processors and taxidermists in obtaining samples for testing each year.

Hunters, trappers and anglers are encouraged to purchase sporting licenses online to help further limit the community spread of COVID-19.

Sporting licenses may be purchased online at any time, and anglers may use their privileges immediately by simply carrying their transaction number (DEC-LS#) with them while afield.

Anglers, hunters, and trappers may also use the HuntFishNY mobile app to display an electronic copy of their license. The HuntFishNY app is available for download through Apple App or Google Play stores.

Back tags and carcass tags must still be mailed, and customers should allow 10-14 days for receipt of their tags.

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