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Bear & Son Cutlery Official Knife Sponsor of Buckmasters

Bear & Son Cutlery Official Knife Sponsor of Buckmasters

By Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear & Son Cutlery, the leading brand in American-made specialty sportsman's knives, joins an elite group as an official knife sponsor for Buckmasters.

The membership-based association founded by Jackie Bushman, uses education to further promote deer hunting, wildlife conservation, and to cast a positive image of deer hunters across the country. With its own deep roots in the deer hunting culture, Bear & Son Cutlery's new sponsorship arrangement with Buckmasters is in line with the company's family tradition of making quality, purpose-built knives for hunters and outdoor adventurers.

Buckmasters members and hunters alike will enjoy the variety of American-made hunting knives Bear & Son Cutlery produces. From traditional, rosewood handle lockbacks to stag handle capers and skinners, these tools offer premium cutting power for all North American big game animals. Additional Bear & Son Cutlery products and brands will be exclusively available with the Buckmasters logo, growing each member’s pride in the popular deer hunting association.

Buckmasters, anticipates a positive impact with the newly established partnership with Bear & Son Cutlery. As industry professionals, Buckmasters relish in the idea that promoting education through every outlet in the deer hunting industry comes from a host of different outlets including the knife industry. As Bear & Son Cutlery sets their foot in the door at Buckmasters, this opportunity will give everyone involved a chance to share the experience and generate more interest in the hunting and the knife world.

Both Buckmasters and Bear & Son Cutlery are excited about the new sponsorship and will work together to support the avid deer hunter, wildlife conservation and continue to leave positive impacts within the industry.

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About Bear & Son Cutlery:
Bear & Son Cutlery is equipped with a rich family tradition in knife making and employs a skilled and experienced work force that is capable of performing many of the extra hand operations that go into the making of their products. The Bear & Son Cutlery factory is unique. It is full self-contained. While some companies only assemble parts brought from various suppliers and put their names on the product, Bear & Son Cutlery does everything in-house from building their own blanking dies to heat treating, grinding and assembly, and hand finishing products. These steps ensure that Bear & Son Cutlery is of excellent quality and a real value for both the dealer and consumer. Their ongoing commitment is to make them in America and make them affordable.

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