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Nikon PROSTAFF 1000i

When faced with a buck of a lifetime at an extreme angle, you can shoot with confidence knowing that the all-new PROSTAFF 1000i Laser Rangefinder with ID Technology has taken the guesswork out of the shot. Whether sitting in a tree stand or on a backcountry hunt, this feature-rich, compact laser rangefinder is sure to impress at an unbeatable price.

The PROSTAFF 1000i Laser Rangefinder, with compact ergonomics combined with a multilayer-coated 6x optical system, makes seeing and ranging non-reflective targets (such as deer) out to 600 yards a reality. The long eye relief and adjustable diopter optimize the comfort and clarity, providing a more enjoyable and accurate ranging experience while ranging within the maximum distance of 1,000 yards.

With Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology built in, the PROSTAFF 1000i Laser Rangefinder offers a Horizontal Distance / Actual Distance display mode that can be easily switched depending on your preference. Providing angle-adjusted readings – for angles +/- 89 (nearly vertical up or down) – the PROSTAFF 1000i takes the guesswork out of the shooting equation for quick, precise ranging.

Equipped with Tru-Target Priority, the PROSTAFF 1000i Laser Rangefinder provides users the ability to select either first target or distant target priority when ranging an object or animal in front of or behind another obstacle. Ranges are displayed clearly, accurately and almost instantaneously in 1-yard increments on the uncluttered display. Eight-second continuous measurement readings are also displayed while depressing and holding the power button.

Packaged in a weather resistant/rainproof (IPX4-equivalent rated) body and backed by Nikon’s 5-year Warranty, the PROSTAFF 1000i Laser Rangefinder shocks the market with its suggested retail price of $199.95.

• Measurement Range – 6 to 1,000 yards
• Accuracy – +/- 1 yard (up to 100 yards), +/- 2 yards (over 100 yards)
• Magnification – 6x
• MSRP – $199.95

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