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Nikon MONARCH 2000

Confidence in your gear during a hunt is critical, especially when it comes down to the shot. That’s when the all-new MONARCH 2000 Laser Rangefinder from Nikon steps into the equation. Packed with advanced technologies and an 8-2,000 yard measurement range, confidence is earned in a split second when the success of the hunt is on the line. Whether executing an incredibly long-range shot or bowhunting from a tree stand, the MONARCH 2000 Laser Rangefinder will surely become a trusted piece of gear for every trip afield in 2019.

The all new MONARCH 2000 Laser Rangefinder sets the new standard for accuracy by delivering ½-yard precision up to 700 yards, 1 yard up to 999 yards and 1-½ yard accuracy when ranging 1,000 yards and beyond. Ranges are displayed on a variable intensity, highly visible red OLED display with five, selectable intensity levels. Intensity levels can be set to automatic mode for self-adjusting intensities if desired for maximum contrast in virtually any lighting condition.

Nikon has packed a full suite of advanced technology into the MONARCH 2000 Laser Rangefinder including: Hyper Read, TruTarget Priority, and its trusted ID (Incline/Decline) technologies. With a single button press, HyperRead calculates distance measurements in approximately 0.3 seconds regardless of distance. The rangefinder will continue to measure automatically until succeeding for up to four seconds if a target is not initially acquired.

Eight-second continuous measurement readings are activated and displayed when pressing and holding the power button down. TruTarget Priority allows users the ability to choose between First Target and Distant Target when ranging a target or animal in front of or behind another object.

Completing the MONARCH 2000 Laser rangefinder package, Nikon housed this incredible 6x21 optical system and ranging technology in a rugged, waterproof* body and backed it with its outstanding 5-Year warranty.

*(waterproof up to 3.3ft/1m for 10 minutes, battery chamber is rainproof IPX4-equivalent  under Nikon test conditions.

• Measurement range – 8 to 2,000 yards
• Accuracy – +/- .5 yard under 700 yards, +/- 1 yard under 1,000 yards, +/- 1.5 yards to 2,000 yards
• Viewfinder display – OLED
• Magnification – 6x
• Weight – 6.1 oz (without battery)
• MSRP – $299.95

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