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Nosler E-Tip Ammunition Line

Nosler created the E-Tip Ammunition line to offer an affordable, lead-free ammunition alternative for hunters who are either required or choose to use a lead-free bullet. The advantages of the E-Tip bullet are not limited to the material from which it is made however, its construction is what gives the E-Tip its greatest advantage; high weight retention.

Because the E-Tip retains so much weight, it provides extremely deep penetration and consistently straight wound channels. The E-Tip smashes through heavy bone and muscle, typically performing like a much heavier bonded or lead-cored bullet. This high degree of penetration provides a significant advantage when hunting large game with non-magnum calibers.

Offered in a variety of traditional American hunting cartridges, E-Tip ammunition is an excellent choice for any North American big game or African plains game.

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