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Nosler BT Ammunition Additions

For decades, Nosler’s Ballistic Tip Hunting bullets have been extremely popular among America’s deer, antelope and hog hunters.  That is why it makes perfect sense for Nosler, Inc. to be expanding their line of BT Ammunition, loaded exclusively with Ballistic Tip Hunting bullets.

Offered in popular hunting cartridges with bullet weights and muzzle velocities that are optimized for maximum effectiveness on deer, antelope and hogs, Nosler BT Ammunition delivers the accuracy, flat trajectory, and reliable terminal performance hunters of these species require. 

The Ballistic Tip Hunting bullet line delivers excellent accuracy with sleek aerodynamic profiles combined with devastating terminal ballistics. Constructed with Nosler’s exclusive impact-extruded, tapered jacket, the Ballistic Tip bullet provides controlled expansion and reliable performance on medium sized game across a broad impact velocity range of 1800-3200 fps. 

Ballistic Tip’s legendary bullet performance, Nosler’s high quality ammunition standards, and a reasonable price marks Nosler Ballistic Tip Ammunition an ideal choice for hunters.  

BT Hunting Ammunition is available for purchase at Nosler dealers worldwide.

New for 2018:
6.5 Creedmoor - 120gr. Ballistic Tip        
280 Ackley Improved - 140gr. Ballistic Tip

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