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Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Vision

The Whitetail Institute of North America is proud to announce its newest perennial forage product, Imperial Whitetail Vision.

Building off the exceptional success of Imperial Whitetail Double-Cross, Vision’s unique blend of Imperial Whitetail Clover, WINA-100 perennial forage chicory, and WINA-210 kale, new Vision takes the combined performance of Whitetail Institute perennials and annual brassica to a whole new level!

At the heart of Vision is Imperial Whitetail Clover, the number one food plot planting in the world.  Like Imperial Whitetail Clover, Vision also includes the latest clover varieties scientifically developed by the Whitetail Institute specifically for food plots for whitetails.

WINA-100 chicory is included to boost early tonnage, increase attractiveness even further by providing deer with a variety of forage types within the same plot, and its deep root system helps maximize drought tolerance.

Vision’s annual brassica component, WINA-210 Kale, has proven through Whitetail Institute testing to be one of the most attractive brassicas the Whitetail Institute has ever tested and is included in Vision to increase early tonnage and attraction even further the first year after planting.

As is the case with all Whitetail Institute products, the forage components in Vision have been painstakingly chosen to ensure that they complement each other, and then repeatedly tested in different combinations and percentages across the country to ensure Vision delivers top overall stand performance.  Vision contains forage components that are only available in Whitetail Institute products.

Designed for planting in late summer or fall, Vision is packaged in 4 pound bags that will plant 1/2 acre, and 18 pound bags that will plant 2.25 acres.  For additional information on Imperial Whitetail Vision, visit, or call (800) 688-3030.

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