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TRUGLO Inc., introduces the TITANIUM X BACKFLIP two-blade and three-blade Mechanical precision broadheads. The BACKFLIP models feature reverse-folding blades that open immediately after the tip punches through hide, providing great expansion and massive exit wounds.

The TITANIUM X BACKFLIP broadheads are constructed with a Titanium ferrule and tip with stainless steel blades. Each broadhead is rigorously tested against spin and sharpness to ensure ultimate performance and quick kills. Both models are 100-grain with the two-blade flight diameter measuring 11/16” and the three-blade flight diameter measuring 5/8”. Cutting diameters measure 1¾” and 1½” respectively, creating maximum penetration and clean removal.

The BACKFLIP is constructed with TRUGLO’s TRU•CUT titanium tip to slice hide and flesh immediately upon impact, while the stainless steel blades cut a devastating wound channel for maximum lethality and easier tracking.

• Reverse-folding blade.
• 100 grain weight for optimum flight and compatibility.
• Grade 5 CNC-machined one-piece titanium ferrule.
• TRU•THRU Precision sharpened blades for quick pass-throughs.
• TRU•CUT one-piece titanium tip slices hide and flesh immediately upon impact.
• Titanium ferrule and tip, stainless steel blades.
• Spin tested and sharpness tested for ultimate performance.
• Two-Blade Flight Diameter (11/16”).
• Three-Blade Flight Diameter (5/8”).
• Two-Blade Cutting Diameter (1¾”).
• Three-Blade Cutting Diameter (1½”).
• TG3205AV (Backflip two-blade) and TG3206AV (Backflip three-blade) MSRP: $45 For a three-Pack.
• Broadhead installation wrench and one set of replacement blades included.

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