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Cuddeback H20

Cuddeback, an industry leading trail camera company who designs products in the USA for performance and reliability is pleased to introduce the all-new H20 Long Range IR Camera.

As a company that has been building trail cameras for over 25 years, Cuddeback has taken all of the knowledge and experience they have gained over those years and integrated it into the new H20 Long Range IR camera. This camera boasts high performance, excellent image quality, easy operation, and a rugged housing built to withstand abuse and the environment.

“The H20 Long Range IR is designed for the serious hunter who wants performance, yet still desires an affordable camera,” commented owner, Mark Cuddeback. “Performance was not sacrificed to reach a price point that is within reach of most hunters.”

The H20 features an industry leading ¼-second trigger speed that is able to capture deer that lesser cameras miss. Fast trigger speed means deer won’t get missed, resulting in fewer blank photos and more deer.

The camera also features an extremely fast recover speed, allowing the camera to be ready for the next picture within one second of taking the first. This allows the H20 to capture two photos before many trail cameras can capture one.

By using a USA-based CMOS image sensor, the pictures produced by the H20 Long Range IR are incredible, 20MP shots, with stunning daylight color and crisp clarity at night.

Cuddeback’s simple setup makes deployment virtually foolproof, providing hunters all the features they need without a complex user interface. With the new H20, you’ll be capturing photos of big bucks in no time.

Other features include:
• Camera delays from one second to one hour
• Time lapse mode
• Video mode

About Cuddeback:
Founded in 1989 Cuddeback is the oldest trail camera company.  With a philosophy of making high performance trail cameras at an affordable price Cuddeback has endured when many other trail camera companies have failed.  Cuddeback’s goal is to build the best trail camera possible at each price point. For us, best means trigger speed that is fast enough to capture running deer, image quality that is worth framing, unmatched reliability, and cutting-edge technology. While some trail camera brands race to see who can offer the lowest priced camera, we will continue to pursue building the best trail cameras.

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