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NAP New Killzone Swingfire

NAP (New Archery Products), the industry leader in broadheads and archery accessories, introduces the new Killzone Swingfire broadhead.

The Killzone Swingfire is a 100-grain mechanical broadhead that is designed with the specific goal of being the best penetrating broadhead of all time. The independent pivoting motion of the blades reduce friction loss as the broadhead passes through an animal. This rear deploying head cuts a massive 2-inch entrance hole and creates the least amount of resistance throughout the shot.

The Killzone Swingfire boasts exceptional accuracy with its four extremely sharp blade surfaces that create a monster blood trail for trophy recovery. This versatile head is equally effective in conjunction with 400 fps crossbows as it does with lower poundage vertical bows. The Swingfire’s blades are specifically designed and weighted to never open in flight- no matter what the speed. Hunt with confidence.

• 100-grain rear deploying mechanical
• Designed for maximum penetration potential
• 2” Cut diameter
• Exceptional accuracy
• Works on extremely fast bows or crossbows
• Four cutting surfaces
• Precision ground, ultra-sharp blades
• Extreme durability
• MSRP: $39.99 (3-pack)

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