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PSE Thrive 365

Meet the 2017 PSE Thrive Crossbow. Capable of launching a bolt at 365 fps, the Thrive 365 delivers unparalleled features and performance value with a mass weight of only 6.6 pounds, making it a best-in-class performer at the unbelievable price of $499.99.

The new Thrive 365 is built on a CNC precision-machined barrel and features a split limb system for increased stability, accuracy, and power. It also comes with a compact and lightweight illuminated 4x32 scope to help you target and drop your prey every single time. The PSE Thrive 365 also features a folding, rubber-coated foot-stirrup, dropping the length of the crossbow by 4 inches with the rubber acting as a dampener to reduce vibration. The equipped split limb dampeners also reduce limb vibration and audible sound, while the anti-dry fire safety helps to make sure that your Thrive 365 crossbow only fires when you want it to.

With impressive power and best-in-class features, the PSE Thrive 365 is sure to shake-up the crossbow market for 2017.

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Copyright 2017 by Buckmasters, Ltd