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NAP Thunderhead Nitro

New Archery Products, the industry leader in broadheads and archery accessories, has honed in on the newest broadhead for fixed blade shooters. The Thunderhead Nitro is the latest product released that pinpoints targets with extreme accuracy.

The Thunderhead Nitro broadhead features an all-steel construction and 1-1/16” razor sharp blades that enter targets clean and powerfully to take down the biggest game animals around. 100% American-made, this three-blade was designed for the fastest and most powerful bows and crossbows on the market. The Thunderhead Nitro is the perfect broadhead for fixed blade shooters who deman extreme accuracy and ruggedness.

• 100% American-made
• 3-blade
• 1 1/16” cutting diameter
• All steel construction for incredible durability
• Pinpoint accuracy – even with the fastest bows and crossbows
• Made in the USA

About NAP:  
NAP has a long-standing history of making top selling bowhunting products for more than 40 years.  NAP continues its reputation of being a forefront leader in technology by providing products that instill confidence for today’s hunter.  Innovation and design are the demanding factors that drive new products.  NAP’s quality testing procedures start at the conception of a product and take place at every stage of development, making them second to non.  At NAP, they are proud to say it is their responsibility to help protect and preserve the hunting legacy that lies within each one of us.

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