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C-EZ Wrap Pack

C-EZ is taking its highly-reflective decals to a new level with their new C-EZ Wrap Packs. Like previous C-EZ arrow products, the new wraps are highly reflective, allowing archers to locate arrows easily with just a flashlight.

The new wraps not only provide even more reflective material, they also give arrows a standout look for the best in form and function.

In addition to 12 arrow wraps, each Wrap Pack ($9.99) includes two large gear stickers and 12 C-EZ arrow strips, now updated with numbers so shooters can identify which of their arrows fly the best.

Weighing just 1.5 grains, the small arrow strips put off a reflective glow far surpassing their diminutive size and, when combined with a C-EZ wrap, provide illumination before and after the fletchings.

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