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Spyder Feeder Systems

There are plenty of options in the market today when it comes to supplemental feeding of wildlife. Gravity feeders are certainly not a new idea, however, the SPYDER Feeder System offers a unique twist on an old concept.

The SPYDER attachment features patented spring-loaded feeder trays that allow wildlife to eat without the need to scatter food on the ground. By applying pressure to the trays as they eat, the springs open up the flow of food. Once that pressure is released, the flow is cut off so food is conserved and not wasted.

Also, the arms of the SPYDER are adjustable, making them easily adaptable to any type of configuration.

The SPYDER Feeder System includes the SPYDER attachment, a 30 gallon steel drum, and offers 2 different mounting options — a standard tripod leg system or a steel platform that mounts to any tree or post. All hardware, ratchet straps, and instructions are included.

The SPYDER attachment can also be purchased separately to replace electronic feeders on existing feed containers, and the SPYDER can also be mounted on any stationary container to create your own setup. One hundred percent made in the USA.

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