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Millennium M150 Monster

Deer hunters who want the best hang-on stands continue to look to Millennium treestands for their quality, strength, adjustability and comfort. To that end, the M150 Monster is about as good as it gets, providing light weight without compromising the strength and stability hunters need.

Perfect for hunters who want the best combination of portability and comfort, the M150 is considered the Cadillac of all hang-on stands. Weighing in at a mere 16.5 lbs., the stand features Millennium’s GoLITE Design and 100% aluminum construction and a durable, long-lasting powder-coat finish. Despite its generous size, the M150 easily folds flat for backpacking using the included backpack straps.

All hunters know that they have to put their time in to consistently kill mature bucks. Millennium leads the industry in designing the most comfortable stands. Featuring the ComfortMAX contoured tight-sling, the M150 sports a full backrest and offers 3-inch height-adjustability to ensure comfort for any size hunter. The seat bottom folds up and out of the way to allow for non-crowded standing shots.

Loaded with features, the M150 Monster uses Millennium’s Interlock LEVELING System, which allows the seat and platform to level out individually to fit a multitude of tree angles in seconds, without tools. This system means that even trees leaning as much as 15 degrees can be safely hunted. The included footrest and side cables provide tangible boundaries to help hunters keep their boots on the platform at all times.

When it’s time to hang the stand, the included CamLOCK receiver locks the stand into position in seconds. Simply secure the CamLOCK receiver to the tree, hoist up the stand, and slide the aluminum stabilizer into the receiver. Hunters can use multiple CamLOCK receivers to move a single stand around to various locations with admirable stealth.

Gun and crossbow hunters can add the optional M101 padded shooting rest rail for even more security – and, of course, to help make the most accurate shots on game.

Hunters seeking the ultimate in comfortable, roomy, lightweight hang-on stands need to look no further than the M150 Monster Hang-On Stand, designed and built by the pioneers of the exceptional hunting experience.

* SafeLink included, a 35-foot SafeLink with a Prusik knot and carabiner
* Exclusive patented ComfortMAX contoured, tight-sling seat
* Patented CamLOCK Receiver to lock stand into position in seconds
* SilentHUNT Design
* Patent-pending Interlock LEVELING System
* GoLITE Design for maximum portability
* Durable powder-coat finish
* Comfortable, quiet, easy setup
* Seat folds up for standing shots
* Easily folds flat for backpacking
* Large platform
* Adjustable seat height
* Adjustable to leaning trees up to 15º
* Footrest included
* Backpack straps included
* Optional M101 Padded Shooting Rail available
* Full Body Harness included
* Meets or exceeds industry standards recognized by TMA

* Material: Powder-Coated aluminum
* Capacity: 300 pounds
* Weight: 16.5 pounds
* Platform Size: 24” W x 37” L
* Seat Size: 17.5-20.5” H x 20” W x 16.5” L
* Model No.: M-150-SL
* MSRP: $289.99

At Millennium Outdoors, manufacturer of Millennium Treestands, OL’MAN Treestands, and Millennium Marine, we are committed to ensuring each hunter and angler can make the most out of every season, from the big bucks in the fall to gobblers in the spring, from redfish on flats to crappie and bass in lakes, and every species and season in between. From innovative hang-on and ladder stands to ground blind chairs, fishing seats, and rod holders, Millennium Outdoors and its brands are dedicated to providing quality products to avid outdoor enthusiasts. Millennium’s reputation has been built on comfort, safety, quality, and versatility that hunters and anglers recognize and appreciate.

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