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Dead Down Wind Dzone2Go

Most hunters these days are pretty careful about scent control, but many overlook the odors that linger in our vehicles.

It does no good to make all your gear scent-free, and to shower in scent-eliminating soaps if your truck is full of the scent molecules from yesterday’s work lunch, not to mention the sweat residue in the upholstery. There are thousands of different potentially game-spooking smells in our vehicles, and we’re so used to them that most of us don’t even notice.

Thanks to the Dead Down Wind Dzone2Go Vehicle Ozone Generator, you can now include your vehicle in your scent-elimination arsenal.

The Dzone2Go Vehicle Ozone Generator ($39.99) destroys odors using the car plug, powering on every 10 minutes and putting out 30mg/h of ozone to annihilate every scent, including pet, cigarette, food and gas odors. Two always-on USB charging ports allow you to charge your phone or other electronics while the Dzone2Go is plugged in and operating.

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