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SEVR 2020 Broadheads

SEVR Broadheads will have three new models for 2020. These include the Ti 1.5, AP 1.7, and Ti 2.1 in 125 grains.

The SEVR Titanium 1.5 is designed to drive deeper in the largest game animals for hunters looking for a broadhead that boosts penetration. The Ti 1.5 is based on a narrower 1.5-inch blade diameter with a swept-back cutting angle for better penetration as it passes through meat, hide and bone. Offered in 100- and 125-grain models with 8/32 threads or in 100-grains for use with Deep-Six threads.

The All-Purpose 1.7 features a balanced 1.7-inch cut diameter for large wounds, and a slightly steeper blade angle to add penetration. The AP model is built using a machined alloy ferrule with stainless-steel tip. The AP’s 1.7-inch cutting diameter falls between the SEVR Ti 1.5 and 2.1 to provide an optimal blend of cut width and penetration. It’s available in 100 grains with standard 8/32 threads.

The Titanium 2.1 was made for hunters seeking a premier product with maximum cutting diameter. The SEVR Ti 2.1 cuts wider to exact the largest entry and exit wound in the SEVR lineup. Ti 2.1 is available in 100- or new 125-grain models with standard 8/32 threads, or in 100-grains for use in Deep Six arrows.

SEVR mechanical broadheads are rated for all hunting-weight vertical bows. They remain closed in flight, even when shot from the highest-speed crossbows. All models use the patented Lock-and-Pivot blade design, allowing the arrow to maintain a straight path even when encountering bone or when taking acute quartering shots.

SEVR broadheads feature Practice Lock Practice Mode, during which a supplied setscrew can be inserted into the ferrule to lock the blades safely in their undeployed position. Since the cutting edges are protected inside the ferrule, the SEVR heads are ready to hunt once the setscrew is removed. This gives bowhunters assurance that their broadheads will hit on target and eliminates the need for questionable practice broadheads.

SEVR mechanical broadheads are sold exclusively online.

Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd.

Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd