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Lethal No. 1 Gun Oil

Safe for all metal, wood, rubber, laminates, multi-color camo patterns or molded-in polymers and frames, Lethal No. 1 gun oil’s high-viscosity petroleum-based blend waterproofs, cleans, conditions, lubricates and protects firearms inside and out.

Designed specifically for complete firearm care, this revolutionary gun oil is a must for anyone putting their firearm through the extreme demands of waterfowl, upload or intense range shooting. No matter whether your weapon is an heirloom side-by-side shotgun or one of today’s fastest-cycling AR-style modern sporting rifles, Lethal No.1 Gun Oil helps prevent jams and malfunctions caused by the build up dirt and grit.

No.1 Gun Oil has been extensively field tested in a wide range of temperatures and conditions and is proven to displace moisture to prevent rust, corrosion and pitting. The non-corrosive formula penetrates the smallest nooks, gaps and spaces to coat all moving parts and does not break down with water, sweat or humidity.

No. 1 Gun Oil’s 2-ounce aerosol spray can ($9.99) uses a double action nozzle for precision spray or wide coverage that’s ideal for any job.

Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd.

Copyright 2020 by Buckmasters, Ltd