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TRACT Optics has introduced a new long-range contender in the sporting optics market with the release of the TORIC 30mm 4-20x50 MRAD PRS reticle riflescope.

Designed for the long-range shooter, the MRAD PRS “Christmas Tree” style reticle and matching adjustments provide the accuracy and precision to make even the longest distances attainable. The riflescope features TRACT’s advanced UHD (Ultra High Definition) optical system comprised of industry-leading SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) glass and ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lens, giving customers sharp, bright images that rival the performance of other scopes in its class.

The new TORIC 30mm 4-x20x50 MRAD PRS riflescope is $1,294.

“Long-range shots require precision in every aspect, and with the addition of a ‘Christmas Tree’ style reticle, the TORIC 30mm sets a new standard for long-range shooting,” said TRACT Co-Founder Jon LaCorte. “The reticle provides a precise aiming point without covering up the target and is very effective at long ranges on smaller targets. With cutting-edge optical and mechanical perfection, it allows customers to see detail and make adjustments with confidence. Like all TRACT optics, the TORIC 30mm 4-20x50 MRAD PRS gives customers the highest quality and highest performance—with no middle man and no mark-up. We’re extremely proud of our award-winning TORIC product line, and this new addition is no exception.”

MRAD PRS Reticle:
The glass-etched MRAD PRS reticle is designed to allow users to measure targets to determine distances and make corrections by either dialing or using the reticle for bullet drop compensation. Capable of being illuminated with 11 different intensity settings, it delivers unsurpassed performance in low-light conditions at longer distances.

The “Christmas Tree” style reticle provides a .04 MRAD Floating Center Dot that does not obscure the target while providing a precise aiming point. With windage and elevation adjustments matching the reticle values, users can make adjustments quickly and easily by using the reticle as a reference in relation to the impact of the bullet. More details about the reticle can be found here.

TORIC 30mm:
Featuring TRACT’s UHD optics design including SCHOTT HT glass, ED lens and fully multi-coated system, the TORIC 30mm riflescope provides extreme low-light performance and resolution especially at higher magnification in virtually any light condition. Like all TORIC scopes, the 30mm is designed and engineered in the United States and built in Japan by the leading optical manufacturer in the world known for its precision components and highest tolerances. With the new MRAD PRS reticle, the TORIC 30mm redefines long-range shooting, helping customers make the longest shots whether they are using a 6.5 Creedmoor or a .338 Lapua.

The latest model adds industry-leading SCHOTT HT glass for the highest level of light transmission values, especially in the blue and violet spectrum, with outstanding color brilliance and superior image resolution quality particularly in low light conditions. A flat multicoating increases light transmission over a wider spectrum of light (from 400-700nm) with the highest increase in transmission values in the green color range. The Simple Locking Diopter system eliminates inadvertent movement in the field and ensures strain-free viewing.

More information about the new riflescope and complete TRACT product line is available at Specific questions or inquiries can also be answered by calling 844-747-4928 or emailing

About TRACT Optics
TRACT Optics is an advanced brand and product line built 100% for the needs of today’s hunters and shooters. The company was born from decades of optics industry experience and has grown into a consumer-direct brand that offers the best quality, value and overall product support. TRACT offers a full line of binoculars and riflescopes for all disciplines of hunting and shooting.

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