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The SEVR AP 1.7 was made for bow or crossbow hunters looking for an all-purpose broadhead at a great price. Designed with an intermediate cut diameter and blade angle, the SEVR AP 1.7 ($11.99) features a 7075-alloy ferrule and precision stainless-steel tip.

SEVR’s patented Lock-and-Pivot non-barbed blades lock open on impact. The blades pivot as needed to keep arrows driving straight through game, even on steep quartering shots and bone impacts. This increases penetration versus nonpivoting heads.

The blades are fully contained in the ferrule for a clean, aerodynamic surface during flight, and they stay tucked even when shot from the fastest bows and crossbows on the market.

SEVR’s Stretch Cut blade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade wound diameter for bigger blood trails and easier recovery.

For hunting practice, SEVR’s exclusive patented Practice Lock keeps the blades locked and contained. Practice with actual broadheads to verify true point-of-impact without dulling blades.

SEVR broadheads are available only online and in any custom quantity configuration at

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