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Barnett HyperFlight

Crossbow enthusiasts have long been deprived of quality, small diameter arrow options. There are very few models available, and most crossbows will only accept standard diameter arrows. Shooting anything smaller risks dry-firing and damaging the bow. Barnett is solving the small diameter dilemma with the new HyperFlight, a world-class, small diameter arrow designed specifically for use with Barnett’s Hyper series crossbows.

Experienced crossbow owners have long wished for a smaller diameter arrow for increased accuracy and penetration. Small diameter arrows also perform better in windy conditions. Hunters facing the elements know that wind can affect the flight of large-diameter arrows more drastically than small-diameter arrows. Reduced diameter arrows have the ability to cut through the wind and maintain a more accurate course than a standard diameter.

Penetration is critical for hunting thick-skinned species such as hogs, javelina, and big game animals. The HyperFlite is designed to punch through the toughest surfaces, and it will increase success rates with accurate shots. The smaller diameter arrows encounters less resistance to penetrate deeper to vital organs and delivers a faster, cleaner kill. Hogs are especially tough, and larger arrows can stick and break right off at the skin. A blood trail that simply disappears because the arrow did not penetrate is not uncommon in the world of wild boar hunting. The Barnett HyperFlite arrow has .204 inch diameter, is 22-inches long, and has a straightness of .001 inches.

Crossbow shooters looking to step up their game will enjoy making the switch to the HyperFlite, a more accurate, higher-penetrating arrow. The combination of consistency, speed, accuracy, and penetration makes the Hyper series crossbows and HyperFlite arrows a stand-alone winner in the crossbow market.

• Designed for use with Barnett’s Hyper series crossbows
• Small diameter for greater penetration
• HyperFlite Arrow Specs
• Length: 22 inches
• Straightness: .001”
• Inner Diameter: .204”
• MSRP: $54.99

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