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Talk About Perfect

Talk About Perfect

By Bob Humphrey

First-time food plotter’s ideal setup could be even better with this.

QUESTION: Hi from Elizabethtown, Ky. This summer, I cleared a 4,000-square-foot spot in the middle of my woods for a food plot. The pH was above 7 and did not need lime, and I fertilized according to the soil sample. I ran irrigation to the plot. I planted an annual mix of brassicas, rye and clover, which was advertised as shade tolerant, and fenced it off to give it a chance to grow. So far, so good. It is ankle high and very lush.

I have planned to take the fence down and hunt over the plot in mid October, but I might not be able to wait. If whitetails are attracted to this and it tastes good to them (also a little nutrition) this seed is good as gold. What perennial do you recommend I plant next spring in order to have year round forage? – Michael O.

ANSWER: My suggestion would be a perennial clover mix. Clover is relatively low maintenance, a good three-season source of nutrition and should last 3-5 years depending on the particular variety, weather and site conditions. It also helps that you have irrigation. Just the same, I might suggest a blend containing chicory as well, which has a deeper root and will do better should you have exceptionally dry conditions. If you are a turkey hunter, clover will also be an attractant in the spring.

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