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Where Are the Deer?

Where Are the Deer?

By Bob Humphrey

If they aren’t visiting your food plots as much, look in the oak stands.

QUESTION: I’ve noticed that deer are not coming into the fields this fall like last year. Is it because there is a lot of feed this year in the woods?

ANSWER: There could be several reasons, but that is the most likely. When there is a lot of natural food available, like acorns, deer tend to use open fields less because they don’t need to; they can find what they need to eat in the woods.

The downside is they also tend to move less because food is easier to find. That makes it tougher for hunters who depend on deer movement. The best you can do is try to find concentrations of food, or look for areas with larger areas of open ground where deer may be more concentrated in pockets of forest dominated by mast-bearing trees.

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