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Decoys: Hype or Hope?

Decoys: Hype or Hope?

By Bob Humphrey

If you’re having trouble with fooling bucks, you’re not alone.

QUESTION: I’ve been experimenting with a deer decoy, and so far it seems to spook everything that sees it. Is that normal? I thought I’d have bucks rushing in to investigate. – Larry P.

ANSWER: Using a decoy is much like using scents, calls or rattling. More often than not, they don’t work, or don’t work as intended. But when they do, results can be quite dramatic.

I, too, have had mixed results with decoys. Typically, some long-nosed doe ends up blowing my setup. But, I have had young bucks approach in an aggressive posture, and I know several hunters who have taken nice bucks using decoys.

If at first you don’t succeed ...

Concentrating your effort at the appropriate time – peak rut – probably helps, too.

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