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How High’s the Water?

How High’s the Water?

By Bob Humphrey

There are food plot crops that do well in moist soils, but it depends.

QUESTION: We live in south-central Pennsylvania and have a very wet 20 acres that only has some wild grass and weeds in it. What could we plant to attract deer in our November to January hunting season? – Mike S.

ANSWER: Much depends on what you mean by “very wet.” I, too, have very wet ground up in Maine — and have struggled with food plot crops. As long as your ground is not too wet – meaning standing water for several weeks – there are a few options.

I’ve had the most luck with clover, Imperial Whitetail Clover to be exact. I’ve also used blends containing clover and chicory to hedge my bets, as the clover thrives in higher moisture, but the chicory will do well in years when we have less rainfall. While I haven’t tried it yet, I’m told that sorghum is more tolerant of wet soils than most other grain crops. I intend to find out this year.

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