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The Night Owls

The Night Owls

By Bob Humphrey

Is there anything you can do to get deer to visit a feeder during daylight?

QUESTION: I have a Deer lease in Montague County, Texas. This past fall, I got numerous photos of many different deer, all at night. Not a single deer showed up at my corn feeder during daylight hours during the entire season. I am thinking perhaps a fall food plot might change my luck. I have a 5-acre pasture surrounded by woods and deer. I am asking what you would suggest I plant and how much per acre? Also when would be the best time to plant? — E.K. B.

ANSWER: It’s difficult to offer too much in the way of specific advice without considerably more details on your circumstances. First, I’d be curious as to whether you’re using an on-demand or a timed, spin feeder. I’m guessing the former, and would suggest you switch to the latter. By dispersing a limited amount of food, during daylight hours, you increase competitiveness among deer. They’ll quickly learn the first ones there get the food.

As for food plots, I recommend some type of fast-growing, high-yield annual — something that will reach its peak attractive and nutritive values around the time you plan to be hunting over it.

What specifically to plant will depend on soil and moisture conditions. Consult a local source like your county Extension agent for advice on that.

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