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Hint: It’s Not the Head

Hint: It’s Not the Head

By Bob Humphrey

You can’t go wrong aiming for the spine when bowhunting for turkeys.

QUESTION: What is the best area to shoot at a turkey with an arrow? How well do they make it through deep snows in the winter months?

ANSWER: Okay, this question isn’t about deer, but our submissions have been a little light lately, so what the heck.

You have several options on shot placement for bowhunting turkeys. On a broadside shot, hitting at the wing butt should penetrate vitals and possibly break the spine. A little further back and you’ll hit the upper leg and also possibly the spine, killing the bird or severely hindering its ability to escape.

On quartering angles you want to hit roughly the same areas, but be sure to consider both entry and exit and compensate accordingly. Head-on, aim for the base of the neck. Facing directly away, try to center on the spine at the base of the neck or upper two thirds of the body.

Turkeys will do okay in deep snow if it develops a crust and they can walk on top of it. They have a more difficult time traveling in powder, and the deeper it gets, the harder it is for turkeys to get around and find food.

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