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It's the Setup, Nimrod

It's the Setup, Nimrod

By Ken Piper

Every week I receive dozens of questions about rattling, scents and grunting for white-tailed deer. With all the focus on these techniques, I wonder if we're all not losing sight of the most important part of a successful hunt (no, it's not luck). A good setup -- one that is close (but not too close) to an active deer trail, takes into account such factors as wind, normal deer patterns and allows undetected entry and exit -- is much more important than attractants and sounds. It's a lot easier to pick off a buck on his normal routine than it is to get him to go where he doesn't want to go. Scents, calling and rattling can be a big help when hunting, but a good hunt starts with a good setup.

PS -- The next time someone calls you a Nimrod, take it as a compliment. Nimrod was Noah's great grandson, who was noted for his extraordinary hunting ability.

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