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Nothin’ Like the Real Thing

Nothin’ Like the Real Thing

By Ken Piper

You really do have to shoot your broadheads before heading afield.

Last week we talked about how fletching affects the spin and stabilization of an arrow.

While a well-tuned bow will shoot just about any broadhead well, it’s generally accepted that fixed-blade broadheads require more steering and stabilization from the fletching. The reason is fixed-blade heads act like little wings on the front of the arrow, and any deviation from those heads being perfectly straight or tuned causes the arrow to drift off center. Fletching helps cure those problems, but you have to shoot your bow to really eliminate them.

If your chosen manufacturer offers practice versions of their broadheads, by all means take advantage of the opportunity and test away.

It’s possible your broadhead will reveal tuning issues that your field points allowed to remain hidden. It’s also possible for broadheads from the same pack to shoot or group slightly differently, although that’s more often the result of an issue with the arrow than the broadhead. The only way to know for sure is to shoot and tune.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like your bow is tuned well and your broadheads still group differently from your field points. A little deviance doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, but the larger the difference, the more you should suspect a tuning issue remains.

If you’re wondering if tuning is worth all the hassle, consider how much peace of mind comes with broadhead-tipped arrows that hit alongside your field points. Also, you’ll get better penetration and performance from a bow/broadhead/arrow combination that is in tune.

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