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Carpet Tagger

Carpet Tagger

By Ken Piper

Hang onto a few sections of your old carpet to use in your deer stands.

Old carpet has several uses for deer hunters.

You can cut a section of carpet to the exact shape of the platform of your climber, lock-on or ladder stand. The carpet quiets shifting feet, but the best benefit is it creates a barrier between your boots and the bare metal. Metal sucks the warmth out of your body more quickly than air or other materials, so avoid direct contact (even through clothing) with metal. One layer of carpet makes a huge difference.

You can carry your carpet section in and out of the woods with you to keep it cleaner and dry, or you can use a few zip ties to hold it in place and let it on the stand. Just be sure to scrub the carpet section with an unscented hunter's laundry detergent before you take it afield the first time.

Another great use for carpet scraps is to use a rectangular piece as a changing platform at your vehicle. Even if you're just changing from street shoes to boots, it's handy to have something to stand on that keeps your socks clean and dry. It really comes in handy when you're putting on multiple layers that don't go on easily over boots.

Some folks use carpet in box blinds for warmth and noise suppression. It definitely helps reduce the sound of chair legs shifting (or of wheels rolling) over bare wood. If you use carpet in your blind, we recommend removing it at the end of the season to avoid mildew and reduce dirt. It's much easier to clean a blind with bare floors than one that has had a carpet inside for seven or eight months.

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