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Time to Reduce Movement

Time to Reduce Movement

By Tim H. Martin

Photo: A tiny stick-on digital timepiece helps hunters avoid unnecessary movement when checking the time.

Rolling up your jacket sleeve to look at your watch or having to dig around in your pockets for a phone adds unwanted movement.

Sometimes checking the time comes at a time when you should be totally still and focused on what is going on in the woods around you. That extra movement could cost you the buck of a lifetime!

And part of ethical hunting is being fully aware of legal shooting time and adhering to the rules, but remaining motionless while checking the time can be a challenge, especially since deer tend to be most active the first and last hours of daylight when legal sunlight begins and ends.

My first solution is to purchase a small stick-on digital timepiece that you can attach to your quiver, backpack, stand railing or other piece of hunting equipment that is easily visible from your position. I like the type of digital clock that comes with Velcro and stick-on tape on the back for easy attachment and removal. These are commonly found in the automotive section of most stores and are not very expensive.

My second suggestion is to utilize your cell phone's silent alarm system. Simply set your cell phone to “vibrate only” and set it to go off when legal shooting time begins and ends.

By doing this, you'll always be aware of the legal shooting time and avoid the risk of a breaking the law or having a guilty conscience. A simple clock and my vibrating cell phone alarm have certainly helped me stay focused on the task at hand without wondering if I was within legal shooting times.

And after I shoot a deer, it’s nice to be able to look down and quickly take notice of the time. This gives me a good time marker for when I should get down out of my stand, and when to start making the retrieve.

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