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Slick Broadhead and Field Tip Trick

Slick Broadhead and Field Tip Trick

By Martin Garthaffner

Considering I started my bowhunting career 53 years ago with crude wooden arrows and a primitive longbow, I view modern archery and bowhunting as an entirely different world now. The changes are remarkable!

However, one thing that has not changed is that bowhunters still lose a precious arrow occasionally. 

Whether it’s a stray one (or maybe five) on the practice range, or one I launched at a whitetail from the treestand, it simply happens from time to time.

When I eventually find a lost arrow in my back yard or in the woods, it is usually weeks or months later, and it does not look good.

Slick Broadhead and Field Tip TrickIt doesn’t take long for the elements to cause a field tip or broadhead to rust and seize up inside the arrow’s insert to the point it is impossible to remove.

Many a deer hunter has sliced a finger or hand trying to unscrew a frozen broadhead from a rusty shaft.

Thanks to an old tip someone showed me when my archery career began, I haven’t had this problem in decades.

Before screwing in my points, I rub a little Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on the threads.

Even a little smear goes a long way when it comes to achieving the results I am looking for.

The oils from the Vaseline strongly deter rust and corrosion where metal contacts metal, even after a long period of time in the elements.

Slick Broadhead and Field Tip TrickPetroleum jelly is odorless and acts as a lubricant when the time comes to remove the field tip or broadhead.

I can always simply pick up my lost arrow and unscrew the tip without any trouble whatsoever!

You’ll save both the arrows and points if you use this tip. And we all know how much it costs in today’s market to replace even one hunting-ready arrow.

Because I’ve done this since 1966, I figure I’ve saved enough money to buy myself some new archery gear!

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