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Flextone Tramp Stamp with Slate

Flextone Tramp Stamp with Slate 1912591144

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The Tramp Stamp Slate turkey call uses natural slate for Pure Turkey Sounds. This surface is the easiest to use and is very versatile. It will get loud when you need to and then back down to soft, seductive, yelps, clucks and unbeatable purrs. This call has the natural “pure turkey” sound that will bring him the final fifty yards. The Super Magnum Hickory Striker is perfectly balanced so the call will break over just right every time and it is heavy enough to have all the volume you will ever need. Super Abrasive Conditioning Pad included so you can keep the slate surface and striker tip in optimal condition.


Natural Slate for pure Turkey Sound 

Easy to Use and Versatile 

Super Slate Conditioning Pad included 

Magnum Hickory Striker is perfectly balanced 


Hold call with your off hand using your thumb and finger tips. With your dominant hand hold the striker as you would a pencil at about a 20º angle away from you. To produce a yelp, move the striker in small tight circles with light to moderate pressure. For right handed use draw counter clockwise circles and left handed use draw clockwise circles. You can vary the volume by the amount of pressure you put on the call. Very light slow circles produces a soft tree yelp, while heavy pressure creates lots of volume great for locating a wily ol’ tom. To cackle, move the striker in fast tight circles. For realistic clucks and cutts, move the striker straight down approximately 1/4” to 1/2”, space your clucks out slowly but make the series rapid for cutting. To purr, move striker straight down approximately 1” allowing the striker to kind of bump along the call surface. For the best performance keep the slate free of oil and finger prints and use the supplied conditioning pad to keep the slate surface and striker tip slightly rough. THE SLATE SURFACE OF THIS CALL MUST BE SANDED PRIOR TO FIRST USE.

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