Buckmasters Magazine

North America's Largest Deer Hunting Publication

In 1987, when the first issue went to print, Buckmasters Magazine was, as publications go, the new kid on the block. It was an upstart deer hunting magazine based on one man's dream to find a common thread among white-tailed deer hunters. More than 25 years later, Jackie Bushman and the Buckmasters staff have seen the dream become reality as hundreds of thousands of deer hunters subscribe to Buckmasters Magazine. As the leading deer hunting publication in North America, Buckmasters Magazine seeks to promote hunting as an effective wildlife management tool while educating our readers with topics on all aspects of hunting white-tailed deer. READ MORE

Rack Magazine

Rack Showcases the Biggest of the Big Bucks

Rack Magazine is the official publication of Buckmasters Trophy Records. Yet you'll find much more than whitetails inside the pages of Rack, a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by hunters of other big game animals, particularly those living in the Western United States. Rack Magazine is filled with short, enjoyable tales of how these magnificent animals were harvested, spiced up with numerous color photos of breathtaking antlers. From July through December, our readers are introduced to the cream of the crop of whitetails, mule deer, elk, moose, caribou, bears and other North American game. READ MORE

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