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Half a Buck Is Better Than None
-- For the past 30 years, I’ve been venturing back to my old stomping grounds in Deposit, N.Y., to hunt with my friends from high school. This past season resulted in a once-in-a-lifetime experience...
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Ragu Bolognese by Stacy Harris
If you are a pasta fan this one is for you. Fix it with any pasta of your choice and enjoy.
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Big Buck Setup   River Bottom Buck
Watch as Dan Massimillo takes this buck, in the river bottoms of eastern Montana.
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Hunting Food Plots
Harvest time is here. The work is done and it’s time to...
Taking Heroes Hunting
It was an awesome weekend for our chapter to ...
Highslide JS BTR BUCK

James Moore
BTR Score 141 4/8

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Heavenly Cream Biscuits
Heavenly Cream Biscuits are not your Grandmother’s...
Where Have The Ears Gone?
This doe has been coming into a guy’s yard in the DuBo...
The Deer Quilt
My mother, Yvonne Martin, spent a year of her life tediously cutt...
Highslide JS Buck Knives - Omni Hunters
Buck Knives

Introducing Realtree Xtra Green camo!

These are the first knives in the marketplace to feature this camo pattern, launched in 201... Read More

Highslide JS Simmons Whitetail Blackout
Simmons Optics

Simmons, a leader in high-quality, high-value sports optics for more than 25 years, has introduced its first trail camera featuring black... Read More

Red and White Buckmasters Nation Tee
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2012 Expo Tshirts
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Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine
Buckmasters Magazine

The true whitetail hunter’s magazine, featuring how-to, deer biology and big-buck articles.

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Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine
GunHunter Magazine

Check out THE publication for whitetail hunters who prefer shooting and hunting with firearms.

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Buckmasters RACK Magazine

Nothing but how
the best of North
America's whitetails and other big game hit the dirt.

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