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Donnie Herod | Grayson Co., TX
Irregular | Compound
BTR Score 197 6/8
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Kevin Breaux Buck BTR Score:172 5/8
By Greg Hicks

Some people just have it. Luck just seems to follow them wherever they go. They’re the type of people that if you draw a king, they’ll draw an ace; if you throw rock, they’ll throw paper.

I’ve hunted with guys like that, guys who’ll wander off in search of fresh deer sign and come... Read More

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Will Rives Buck BTR Score:172 1/8
By Mike Handley

It’ll take 10 minutes for Will Rives (pronounced Reeves) to tell how he put an arrow through his high-scoring Mississippi buck last January, but he’ll go on for an hour about his little girl’s first, a 7-pointer. He also seems more proud of an ancient 125-inch 8-pointer he shot earlier in... Read More

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Mike Handley's Blog

Going the Distance
South Louisiana hunters are accustomed to racking up miles whenever they set their sights on big deer. The Sportsman's Paradise might yield some of the most bodacious bucks on the planet, but coming across one in Acadiana is like looking for alligators in Minnesota. That's why 25-year-old John Zaunbrecher Jr. of Eunice, La., doesn't think twice about driving 12 hours to hunt ground with more promise. On opening day of rifle season in Randolph County, Mo., John put up a brand new ladder stand and decided not to hunt from it until the wind was right. The following Monday, it was. Thir...

[Read the rest of this article...]

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