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Paul Darnell | Choctaw Co., OK
Perfect | Modern Rifle
BTR Score 156 4/8
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Spencer Bishop Buck BTR Score:187 7/8
By Greg Hicks

There’s nothing more enjoyable than sharing the woods with someone near and dear to your heart. Just ask Rocky and Spencer Bishop of Franklin, La.

“That’s Mutt and Jeff, the two of them. They’re at the camp with me just about every weekend,” says Clint Bishop, Rocky’s son and Spencer’s ... Read More

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Sharon Weidmayer Buck BTR Score:228 4/8
By Richard P. Smith

‘Twas probably a bumper, not a bullet or broadhead that toppled the biggest whitetail ever listed from Michigan.

The 26-pointer was found about 150 yards from a busy road in February 2010 by a woman walking her dog. Coyotes had scavenged the days-old carcass, but it was still inta... Read More

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Mike Handley's Blog

A 10 on the Sphincter Scale
Nobody knows better than Jason McKenzie that when a man's tectonic plates shift, only a giant whitetail can stop the quake. The hunter from Shongaloo, La., hunted Kansas for the first time in 2012. He crawled into his pop-up blind before sunup on Dec. 1, his third day there, and cursed his lack of clothing. But before long, he was itching to get out of the clothes he was wearing. Nature was calling; pleading, at first; and then screaming. When Jason could stand no more, he made sure the coast was clear, and then he slid out of the blind and began searching for a bush to provide a modic...

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